Crew Role Descriptions

Floor Manager: Responsible for communication between the crew in the production control booth, and crew in the studio, as well as working with the news anchors to ensure they are kept informed and are cued as to when they are on-air.

Assistant Director: As a live television program, the Assistant Director communicates with Channel 31 to take the show to and from sponsorship advertisements, alerting all crew as to when the program will go to air, and is also responsible for ensuring that the program runs on-time.

Camera Operator: Responsible for operating the cameras, and focusing and framing the news anchors correctly in relation to the graphics.

Audio Assistant: Responsible for helping the audio manager set up the microphones and carry out sound-checks.

Tape Operator: “Newsline” includes several taped items (approximately seven tape stories per episode) as well as opening titles, breakers and closing titles. The Tape Op is responsible for running these tapes on the Director’s cue, and counting down remaining time so all crew know when anchors will need to be back on-air, or when to cut to a sponsorship announcement break.

Graphics Operator: Professional graphics are an important element of news bulletins. The graphics operators will be responsible for creating images and headline graphics using Photoshop to accompany each news story, and for switching these graphics live-to-air.


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