Newsline Rehearsals

Rehearsals are held the week before each season of “Newsline” to give journalism students the chance to practise delivering a news bulletin on camera, with the use of autocue, and to become familiar with the process of creating a live television news bulletin.

It is also an opportunity for new crew members to become familiar with both the program, their specific crew roles, and to get to know the people they will be working with.

The 2007 “Newsline” Rehearsal dates are as follows:

Tuesday the 2nd of October from 2-5pm

Thursday the 4th of October from 12:30-3:30pm

Friday the 5th of October from 2-5pm

All rehearsals will be held at RMIT’s television studio on Level 2, Building 12 City Campus, and it is asked that each crew member is available to attend at least one of these rehearsals.

For those involved in the graphics department, we are also holding a graphics workshop to enable crew members to learn the photoshop skills they will need. For more information, please click HERE


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